Culture Connects and Strengthens

Black culture has often been misunderstood because of manipulated histories and misrepresentation in the media. The E-Pal Project, a dedicated initiative of The P.A.L. Project, is working to remedy this by providing a cultural immersion program that enables virtual global interactions between with cultural educators and peers through conversation and education. 

Students who have engaged with our program are being given a chance to share their own works inspired by their engagement with the E-Pal Project. We welcome you to look over these bright sparks of creativity!

Original Student Stories and Journals

                     HOW TO BE KIND. Okay here we go.

Ms. Mensah is kind to us by giving us snacks everyday. I like Aunty Shine Shines’ Storytime because they are so good and Yayra is our hype-man. Sometimes we have guests in our classes on zoom.

You can compliment somebody  by saying, “I like your shoe” and “I like your hair”. You can make somebody’s day just by saying that. 

“I like your shoe Roxie, I love your dress Ms. Mensah,  I like your toys and like your hair…”

                      HOW TO BE KIND… Ok here is part two 🙂

It is just the little things that make people happy. The End.

                                                  –4th Grader Columbus Public Schools


                                 What Does Kindness Mean To You…?

Kindness is something I think everyone should have and kindness can be little things too. Like picking up stuff off the floor, helping around the house, asking if somebody needs help, asking if somebody wants to play with you and there is more. 

Like giving somebody and compliment. If you give somebody a compliment, it might just make their day and THAT is awesome. For example, “Ms. Mensah I like your shirt or Mr. Cromer I like your shoes or Miracle, I like your hair.” These are compliments and that is nice 👍🏾



                                               –4th Grader Columbus Public Schools

Common sense is something I think everyone should have but unfortunately, everybody does not have it. For example, Elizabeth was walking wont eh hall at school and she sneezed. She did not cover her  mouth and then a girl named Jenny came down the hallway and said “bless you but you did not cover your mouth”.

Jenny said, “It is common sense .” Then Elizabeth said “what’s common sense?” “Well…” Jenny said “…common sense is sound, practical judgment concerning everyday matters or a basic ability to perceive, understand and judge in a manner that is shared by or common to most people. The first the of common sense, good sense, can be described as the ‘knack’ for seeing things how they are and things as they ought to be done. 

“Wow!” Elizabeth said “I learned so much but now we have to get to class…seriously.”

“Haha… okay” Jenny said and they went to class.

                                                –4th Grader Columbus Public Schools

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